Kip! (rocksellout) wrote in band_it,

Best Unsigned Band Contest's just been confirmed that the contest will have judges from and a variety of indie labels. What are you waiting for?!

Rock Sellout has teamed up with Filter Magazine and Ragged to offer you the opportunity to win a pretty cool prize pack and more importantly, give your band a little bit of industry exposure.

The rules are pretty simple:

Bands: Click the link below to enter. Steer us towards your Myspace site and tell us which song you'd like us to hear (which also grants permission to share that mp3 on the site if you're a finalist).

Fans: If you're friends with an unsigned band, tell them about our contest and ask their permission to share one of their mp3s on Rock Sellout if they're one of the selected finalists. If they OK the qualify to win the prize pack.

Click here to enter.

Please, help us promote this contest and repost this!
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